Jul 8-10

Lakeshore Chess 2022 Summer FIDE Round-Robin

6 players per group, USCF & FIDE Rated

$180EF + $75 refundable deposit


    The Lakeshore Chess 2022 Summer FIDE Round-Robin will take place on July 8-10, 2022. Space is limited to 24 people (4 Sections). Players must pre-register to guarantee spot by registering at lakeshorechess.com. With round robin tournaments, withdrawals are very problematic for both players and organizers. To discourage last minute withdrawals, there is a $75 deposit that will be returned after all rounds are played. Please only register if you can play all seven rounds. Time control will be G/90+30 (that’s increments, not delay,) and the tournament will be USCF & FIDE rated. By filling out this form and paying the registration fee, you secure your spot.

    Entry fee is $140 by May 7th, $180 until June 24th, and $220 until July 1st, when registrations are cut off. An additional $75 deposit will be collected, to be returned after the player completes all games. Withdrawing after July 1st forfeits the $75 deposit.

    Tournament Details

    $2,000 Prize Fund based on 24 paid entries.

    July 8-10, 2022

    USCF & FIDE Rated Round Robin (a section/player will only be FIDE rated if it meets FIDE requirements.)

    6 players per section, June USCF supplement used to assign sections. If a section has fewer than 6 players, that section’s result will be based on the adjusted number of games. Players may elect to play rated games during the additional round times, but they will not affect the standings.

    Sections & Prizes

    Section A 2100+ 1st $500 2nd $150

    Section B 1900-2099 1st $450 2nd $150

    Section C 1700-1899 1st $400

    **Section C **U1700 1st $350

    *Note - these prizes may be adjusted slightly, but the total prize fund, based on 24 paid entries, will still amount to $2,000

    Schedule & Time Controls

    5 rounds, G/90+30

    If a section has fewer than 6 players registered by July 8th, the section will continue with an adjusted schedule. A four or five-player section will be structured as a 5-round Swiss tournament; basically a double round-robin short one round, since we only have time for five rounds, not six.


    Friday 6PM

    Saturday, Sunday 10AM3PM

    Registration Info

    **Entry fee **$140 by May 7th, $180 until June 24th, and $220 until July 1st, + $75 deposit that will be returned upon completing all rounds. You can withdraw for a full refund by July 1st, 2022, but you will forfeit the $75 deposit if you withdraw after.

    Registration ends July 1st

    Sponsored Entries Lakeshore Chess is sponsoring 1x entry for K12 players in the Chicagoland area per 11 paid entries to this tournament, for two slots total. This program is meant for those in financial need, but the slots are allocated in a first-come-first-serve basis, on the honor system. If you’re able to pay the entry fee, please do so; otherwise, email us at registration@lakeshorechess.com for age/residence verification and special registration instructions. We will still require the $75 deposit, and $100 will be deducted from any prizes.

    Playing Up There is NO playing up for this event.

    Byes No byes! Only register if you can play ALL rounds.

    Location Details

    Address 660 W Lake. Suite 350 Chicago, IL.

    Our location is in the West Loop, on Lake Street between Halsted and Des Plaines. Just east of the highway. Paid street parking is available through the ParkChicago App. There are plenty of parking options on SpotHero for cheaper day rates. We are located about 2 blocks west of the CTA Clinton Station which is accessible by the Green and Pink lines.

    Special Notes

    • If, by July 1st, fewer than 6 players are registered in any section, we will do our best to fill the remaining seats with reserve players. Regardless, each section will proceed as planned as long as at least 4 players are available. The schedule and prizes will be adjusted accordingly, and the arbiter will consult with each affected player to make sure the adjusted format is acceptable to the players. Unfortunately, these are the limitations that come with a round-robin tournament.

    COVID Precautions

    As of April 11th, we are following Chicago’s mandate, which allows for gatherings without face coverings and vaccination requirements.

    Further restrictions may be put in place based on hospitalization rates and the city’s requirements.

    If you require special accommodations for any reason, please contact registration@lakeshorechess.com

    Registered Players